Grounded Hope Episode 1: “Regeneration” Now Available!

Community Solutions is proud to announce that the podcast series “Grounded Hope” is now available on Spotify, Google Podcast, RadioPublic, and more!

Grounded Hope Episode 1: Regeneration is NOW AVAILABLE.


Episode Description: Regenerative Agriculture was the number one food trend in 2020 – with companies from General Mills Foods to the Patagonia clothing company turning to regenerative farming practices in their businesses. 2021 marks the start of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration and in this episode, we take a look at how an organization is using regenerative practices to transform a conventional farm into a lush ecosystem, discover how a declining dung beetle population is contributing to greenhouse gas, and learn how regenerative practices in Indigenous Cultures are an important part of their relationship with nature.

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Podcast Description: Wet springs, climate challenges, trade woes, supply chain breakdowns, and COVID-19 concerns are rapidly changing the face of farming across Ohio. Globalization of farming—like globalization of industry—has hollowed out communities and left the population of an agricultural-rich state food imperiled. Yet within this crisis lie deep opportunities for change—a change that is rooted in practices from the past and helps to heal the divisions that also plague us—inequality, racism, the rural-urban divide.

The Grounded Hope podcast pairs Podcast Director Renee Wilde with the team at the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions to produce a series of audio products that collectively introduce the people of Ohio to the past, present, and future of Ohio agriculture. Listeners will learn how historical farming practices–including those of indigenous people and early Black farmers–hold ideas for how our degraded soils can be regenerated. They will travel Ohio cities and back roads to meet current farmers and learn how they are rebuilding local food systems that can be resilient in the face of pandemics and climate change. They will hear about unusual crops and the hope they hold for new products–including fibers, medicines, and foods. And they will be invited to examine how Ohio economics is embedded in agriculture and how that both supports and challenges the state and its communities.

The major questions we will address include:

  • How has agriculture historically defined our current state?
  • What are new and old economics that can help us collectively move forward, including CSA’s and cooperatives of all kinds?
  • How have historical and current immigrants transformed the face of Ohio agriculture and how can we use their lessons to create an agricultural system that serves all of us?
  • What are the political and economic forces that have shifted our agricultural practices?
  • How do the lessons of the Dust Bowl help us think about current issues like algal blooms and flooded fields?
  • How can transforming agriculture solve many converging crises, including biodiversity collapse, pandemics, and climate calamity?

This podcast has been made possible by support from the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions and Ohio Humanities.

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